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I provide pre-natal guidance to help ensure your unborn baby has the best environment in which to flourish. I help new parents make choices that work for them based on neuroscience, epigenetic research, and health science  – even if those choices differ from others' expectations or traditional views.

Pregnancy consulting follows the same basic model as our other services in which we work with clients to help you clarify and achieve personal desires while also maintaining the absolute best environment for your baby. In pregnancy consulting, we place a particular focus on the questions, concerns, and desires that arise as a part of your pregnancy and the idea of being a new parent to your unborn baby.

Pregnancy consulting helps to ensure your unique way of being pregnant includes making sure your unborn baby has the best environment in which to flourish. It helps new parents make the choices that are best for you and your baby first and foremost – even if those choices fly in the face of others’ expectations, your initial notions, or traditional views.

Our clients include both parents from traditional and non-traditional families, including those growing their family through open adoptions and surrogacy.

Our work is based on a field known as fetal origins. Scientists have a new understanding of a child's earliest experiences in the womb and how they have lasting effects. This research offers a bold new view of pregnancy as a crucial milestone that dictates a lot of our health, abilities, and mental well-being. The fetus is not an inert thing waiting to be born, but a dynamic creature that needs to be treated as such. Our services focus on identifying pregnancy as the MAIN source of influence on a future child; an influence that is far more powerful than we might think.

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