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Because traditional therapy doesn't work for everyone

Most of my clients come to see me because they just know life should be better. It HAS to be. For many people who walk through my door, their lives aren't shattered. They get up every single day and get through. But somehow, somewhere, something is off. Maybe it's your relationship. Maybe it's you. Maybe you don't know what it is, but life just doesn't seem right. You're not fully happy. Not yet.

​I help couples, families, and individuals make life better. How? I've developed a unique perspective that has allowed me to develop a one-of-a-kind strategy that mixes therapeutic techniques found in human services and combines them with the results-oriented consulting and leadership skills derived from the professional services field. This specific meld enables me to provide a different kind of service and help where others may have been unsuccessful.

Here, there is no judgment. There is no should. There is just what is. And of that which is, we together can work to make better.


Crystal Oakman has a Master's degree in Social Work and works as a therapeutic advisor, educator, and speaker. Her work creates valuable change in improving empowerment, mental flexibility, and emotional health. Crystal is licensed as an LSW but has created her unique practice where she helps people manage their mental wellness. She has been featured in articles in The Chicago Tribune, BravoTV, NBC's Better, TeenVogue, Bloomberg Businessweek, and various other outlets, and she has served as a mental health expert for WHAG and WDVM news. 

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